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THEON Data is your partner for the analysis and modeling of your business and customer data as well as for the implementation of tailored digital solutions.

As a result of both the digital transformation and current technological advancements, like big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, the degree of increasingly complex business transactions is growing considerably. This, in turn, is subjecting the business models of our customers to significantly faster and constant changes. The service portfolio of THEON Data Services and THEON Data Solutions helps you face these new challenges. With THEON’s help, you will see the bigger picture and become more flexible, giving you the time you need to really concentrate on your core business.

Theon Data Services

THEON Data Services is your partner in the areas of big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, as well as operational services.

Digitization in companies is groundbreaking for disruptive technologies and innovative business models. In many cases it means the integration of networked sensors, software and humans into complex physical machines. In the process, a large amount of data is generated which is then used and exploited by companies in a way that adds value.

THEON Data Services can tap its great wealth of knowledge to provide tailor-made and creative concepts as part of an all-round solution that help you with your data and data-analysis tasks.

As entrepreneurs who stand out from the rest, the continuous consolidation of our core businesses, coupled with the continuous expansion and development of our services, let us create sustainable adjustments and real added value for our customers.

Big Data & Data Analytics

The processing and analysis of constantly growing data volumes is becoming increasingly important for companies. We assist companies when it comes to quickly understanding and using existing and new data in a way that is highly beneficial to them. Our range of services comprises the holistic implementation and execution of big data and data analytics projects, with our current focus being on the the automotive industry.

Digitalization Services

Ever-advancing digitization is putting companies and organizations into a position where they can tap new potentials on customer, product and service pages. As a consequence of this, classic IT, embedded systems and mobile technologies are all melting into one. For our cross-industry range of services in the area of digitization, we bundle experience and skills across all disciplines. In this regard, we offer a variety of assistance options in the area of Software Engineering & Support as well as Application Modernization & Mobilization.

Enablement Services

With tailored enablement services, we help companies meet their requirements when it comes to projects and short-term vacancies. Thanks to our many years of experience and wide ranging skills, which are only enhanced by our unique national and international network, we are in a position to quickly and competently assign specialists and advisors to different tasks for our customers. The focus here is on consulting and support in the areas of Business Development, Sales & Coverage Management, as well as Resource Management and Project Management.

Theon Data Solutions

THEON Data Solutions is your partner for e-mobility consulting and EV charging market intelligence with CHARGING RADAR.

The ever-advancing digitization of customer and business processes along with their operative organization continues to pose major challenges for lots of companies.

The tailored solutions of THEON Data Solutions help you transform your company by translating the customer requirements and underlying operational processes into the suitable technologies. Our main focus is on e-mobility.

Solutions to complex and resource-intensive tasks are also easily found thanks to our network of creative and highly specialized partners. Partner management here is thankfully all under one roof through our colleagues at THEON Data Services.

E-Mobility Consulting

With the switch to electro-mobility, the automotive industry is standing on the verge of a dramatic change in both value creation and user practice. Above all, charging vehicles will become of key importance so that, alongside Sales & Distribution challenges, the tasks of energy management will move more and more into the focus of OEM and suppliers.

THEON Data Solutions GmbH has many years of experience in the area of electro-mobility and home/public charging. With this as its basis, we provide consulting to companies in regard to the development of business models and offer support with the implementation of tailored electro-mobility solutions in both Sales & Distribution and Product Management areas.

EV Charging Market Intelligence with CHARGING RADAR

Market intelligence built for the EV charging business: Understanding the development and usage of CPO and MSP networks. CHARGING RADAR uniquely combines strategic market intelligence and analyst advisory services through data, insights, and analytical tools. We enable industry leaders to make fact-based decisions to power their market monitoring, business planning, and strategic growth.

CHARGING RADAR partners with industry leaders and new market entrants across automotive and utility industries, CPO and MSP networks, consulting firms, investment companies and governmental bodies to support them in their strategic planning and day-to-day operations and enables them to make fact-based decisions.

CHARGING RADAR is a product of THEON Data Solutions, your specialist for data analytics in the e-mobility domain, in cooperation with CIRRANTiC, provider of the data platform and the data feed.

The eMobility Excellence reports are based on CHARGING RADAR insights.


THEON Data GmbH combines modern management with the value-oriented activities of an owner-operated company.

Thanks to our many years of consulting expertise, our industry knowledge and our strong character, we have become the go-to specialist when it comes to services involving the digital transformation of companies.

Our customers take center stage

We develop innovative services for our customers, which meet the highest possible standards. To achieve this, exactly what our customers want and need is always to the forefront of what we do.

Our company values are the foundation for how we think and act. Our success is the result of enthusiasm, self-discipline, appreciation and integrity. These values determine what we do and how we interact with our customers and business partners on a daily basis as well as our internal collaboration as a team.

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Frank Lichner

Managing Director

Frank Lichner is the founder and Managing Director of THEON Data Services GmbH. Within the framework of his duties, he is responsible primarily for the company’s strategic development. In the years prior to his appointment with THEON, he held various management and leadership positions in national and international companies. Frank Lichner began his career with IBM Deutschland, where he worked for more than two decades.

Ludwig Hohenlohe

Managing Director

Ludwig Hohenlohe is the co-founder and Managing Director of THEON Data Solutions GmbH with its head office in Munich. His focus is on the questions of electro-mobility. In this context, he assists companies in the development of business models and innovative sales & distribution methods and their international implementation on the market. Before this, Ludwig Hohenlohe held positions in the Company Strategy and After Sales divisions at AUDI AG and from 2012 to 2017 was responsible for Roll-out and Business Development with BMW i 360° ELECTRIC in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


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